Thieves are sneaking up on unlocked cars while drivers fill up their gas tanks—and stealing items. Prince George’s County Police released surveillance video showing one of several thefts that have happened recently.

The video from a Camp Springs gas station shows a BMW pull up beside a vehicle at a pump. Within seconds, a suspect pops out of the car and snatches an item from the front passenger seat, and quietly sneaks back into the getaway car.

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The entire time, the victim was on the driver’s side pumping gas.

Police released a close-up look at the suspect, hoping someone will recognize him.

Police said the suspects are linked to at least six incidents at gas stations this week—including at locations on Allentown Way, Allentown Road, and St. Barnabas Road.

In each case, the suspects were in a silver BMW with a temporary tag.

PGPD is encouraging everyone who lock their car doors when pumping gas or walking to a store. As witnessed in the surveillance video, it only takes a few seconds for thieves to steal your stuff.

If anyone has information on this investigation, please call 1-866-411-TIPS or 301-868-8773.