Dramatic video from inside of a Largo liquor store was posted to Facebook this week.

It showed what a violent confrontation between the store owner and a customer.

The clip is nearly 30 minutes long and has been shared more than 500 times.

The surveillance video starts with an argument between an older woman and the owner behind the counter.

A man in a black shirt walked up to the counter to make a purchase and jumped to the woman's defense.

Customer: "She says you’ve got an attitude."
Clerk: "Attitude? No. I don’t have attitude –"
Customer: "It don’t matter. Well, calm down. There is no need there’s no need for one. There’s no need for one."

The owner then refused service to the customer and snatched the liquor away.

The men argued, and the customer knocked some stuff off of the counter.

At least three employees grabbed the customer and took him to the ground.

BJ Paige asked, “What if that was your child or that were your brother -- how would you feel?”

Paige posted the video in the Change Prince George's Facebook group and is speaking on behalf of the customer's family.

He says the customer was mistreated.

“I'm just hoping the outcome is the truth. I'm only seeking the truth. I want people to know how this particular place handles situations,” Paige said.

The store's lawyer said the customer was destroying merchandise.

"He is quickly subdued and the authorities notified. The actions of the liquor store personnel are completely appropriate and justified."

The Prince George’s County State Attorney’s Office said the customer was charged with disorderly conduct, but those charges are in the process of being dropped due to insufficient evidence.
State Attorney’s Office spokesperson said the store owner is facing second degree assault charges and expected in court November 17th.

Community leaders are planning a rally to speak out against the store at Largo Town Center tomorrow night at six o'clock.