A Maryland State Trooper and a man were injured after an alleged impaired driver struck the officer's car while he was responding to a crash in Prince George’s County, Maryland on Sunday.

Around 3:30 a.m., Trooper Solomon Flash was responding to a traffic crash on Rt. 4 at Presidential Parkway.

While he was awaiting a tow truck, police say 37-year-old Chris M. Dent hit the patrol car from behind.

Flash was taken to the hospital, but has since been released and Dent was not injured.

Dent was arrested for driving under the influence. Police say additional traffic charges will also be filed.

After striking the patrol car, the Dent’s car skidded off the roadway and struck 28-year-old Anthony C. Owelle that was standing near the guardrail. The pedestrian had been involved in the earlier collision and was one of the vehicles drivers.