A Montgomery County family was mourning the loss of 2-year-old Malik Bojang on Saturday night after he drowned in a Montgomery Village pond.

“He’s a cute and cheerful boy, always,” said Anna Bojang, Malik’s aunt.

Malik came from a large, loving family. Many of them were outside his home mourning while the little ones ran around, not fully comprehending that they had lost a playmate.

“He’s always running around, full of energy, every time, always,” Anna said.

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In a way, it was Malik’s fast and frenetic life that led to this tragedy, his dad explained. He and his brother were at the park not far from the lake, when he wondered off. With police and family looking for him, it was a stranger that spotted him, not far from the shore.

A stranger pulled the boy out of the pond. He was rushed to the hospital where he later died. A makeshift memorial remains in his remembrance at the scene.

“I saw him earlier before the incident happened,” Anna said. “That was my last kiss that I have.”