At least two dissident members of the Prince George’s County Board of Education say they have lost confidence in school CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell, accusing him of fostering a climate of cover up in the wake of numerous child abuse scandals.

Maxwell announced Tuesday that a new principal brought in to correct problems at a school rocked by a child porn investigation in 2015, was himself suspended this week for unspecified allegations of misconduct.

Maxwell would not reveal the nature of the allegations against Sylvania Woods Elementary School Principal Brian Jones, but he did say the allegations did not involve children and that police are investigation.

Sylvania Woods Elementary is the school where teacher’s aide Deonte Carraway is accused of making child porn videos with cell phones in 2015.

Shocked Board of Education members Edward Burroughs and Verjeana Jacobs said the CEO’s announcement about the principal’s suspension was the first any board members had heard about what appears to be yet another developing scandal.

They criticized Maxwell for not informing the Board of Education members immediately.

“We are sick of it,” Burroughs said.

Maxwell said he has no intention of stepping aside.

Meanwhile the father of a special needs child who may have been sexually abused by a school bus aide says he has no confidence in Maxwell.

The school CEO said he learned of the abuse allegations against the child “at the beginning of the school year”, even though the incidents happened in November of 2015 and the school bus aide stayed on the job until a police investigation was launched in June of 2016.

Maxwell did not explain why the neither the Board of Education nor the public or parents had been informed of the investigation.

Dissident Board members also accuse the administration and Board of Education chairman Segun Eubanks and vice chair Carolyn Boston of suppressing information about a federal investigation of neglect and abuse in the county’s Head Start program.

The incidents did not become public until federal regulators announced the suspension of $6.4 million in funding to the county for Head Start because of a failure to correct deficiencies that could expose children to future abuse.