A Maryland woman who was at the concert in Las Vegas on the night of the mass shooting has been located and does not have life-threatening injuries, according to Frederick County Councilmember Anthony Chmelik.

Kristin Bolinger, 21, of Hagerstown was believed to have been severely injured in the Las Vegas mass shooting.

Her father spoke to WUSA9 earlier this week, saying that someone from a hospital told him she was severely injured and two men risked their lives to save her.

According to Frederick County Councilmember Chmelik, Bolinger was bruised and battered from being trampled at the concert, however did not have life-threatening injuries.

Bolinger was not in touch with her family because she had lost her phone at the concert and had been at home trying to recover emotionally and physically, according to Chmelik.

Kristin's father, Voine Bolinger received a call from someone who identified themselves as a doctor from UMC hospital. He was told that his daughter had multiple lacerations and a ruptured spleen. Additionally, he was told that his daughter had been saved by two young men. One of the men had died from his wounds.

Kristin Bolinger, 21, of Hagerstown, Md. is a victim of the Las Vegas shooting. 

Councilmember Chemlik stated that the exact same story had apparently been told to several families from across the country searching for their loved ones.

The Help Kristin B Las Vegas Victim GoFundMe campaign has now been suspended due to this new information. Donations are being refunded. A criminal investigation has been launched.

"As you can see, the story Lee was given about his daughter was fabricated and the exact same story given to numerous families searching for loved ones. A criminal investigation has been launched. For that reason, we would like to refund donations. If people would like, they could instead give their donation to the national Go Fund Me Las Vegas campaign instead. Thank you for your generosity in a time of great need," Chemlik wrote.

WUSA9 has reached out to Las Vegas police, who have been inundated with inquiries related to the shooting, and have not heard back. We will have more information as it becomes available.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story stated that Kristin Bolinger was severely injured in the Las Vegas shooting and a man died saving her. It was information we received from her father, who was told by someone who identified themselves as a hospital employee where his daughter was believed to be receiving treatment. We have since learned this report is false.