A Hagerstown woman said she could identify the man suspected of breaking into her home thanks to the help of her online community.

“It was just incredibly creepy and gross I guess,” said Rebekah Maschusko on FaceTime. She posted a black-and-white surveillance video showing a man walking through her home.

She said she was on vacation when someone reportedly broke-in overnight July 2nd into July 3rd. When she got back, Maschusko learned some very personal items had been taken, along with a work badge that had her name, photo, and company name on it.

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The Hagerstown mom said the suspect also took the security camera he was captured on, but not before the video downloaded to her cell phone.

“I think it was unsettling more than anything’ she said.

So, she posted the video to a Hagerstown Facebook group. People started responding.

“[Probably in] about two hours, a caseworker for a home with teenagers reached out to me, said that they knew who the individual was and that they already contacted police,” Maschusko said.

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Someone else commented on the video and described another recent break-in where their friend woke up to a man in her bedroom.

"When I went to file the restraining order, [police] had advised that it was potentially the same individual that was standing over a women’s bed,” the Hagerstown woman said.

Machusko said she had a break-in before, but didn’t have the same surveillance equipment. The suspect also didn’t take the same type of personal items.

“If it wasn’t for the security camera, you know, with or without the help of FB, I would never have had a picture of the individual, a video should I say.”

Machusko is waiting for a warrant to be served. There is an incident report online, but Hagerstown Police were not available to comment Monday.

Machusko said she won’t go without home security anymore.