Parts of Kent Island and a few other places on the Maryland Eastern Shore were impacted by a possible tornado touch down overnight, according to officials.

Queen Anne's County Sheriff's Department is currently surveying the amount of damage done.

At least one person was injured in the storms. The person has non-life-threatening injuries. The person has been released from the hospital. This person was injured during a collapse of a home.

It is very important that people shelter in place until the power situation is under control. An estimation of 8,000 people are without power, officials stated in a press conference. There are still parts of Kent Island that have power. Officials are also asking for anybody who does not have to go to work to stay at home, particularly in the Bay City area.

Crews are out working. There is no estimate on when the situation will be resolved.

Rt. 8 South is currently closed. North is currently open.

There is an emergency shelter opened at Centreville Middle School. Also, fire/EMS and law enforcement are actively working a grid search checking our community for anyone who might be in need of assistance. We will keep updating you as new information becomes available.