A mother told WUSA9 that she was concerned after a military plane crashed near her son's school in Clinton Wednesday morning.

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Aysha Savage said she received a frantic phone call from her son after an F16 downed near her son's school, Clinton Grove Elementary School.

Her son told her that they felt the ground shake, and he heard a big boom. The fifth grader also told his mother that the kids saw a man parachuting from the plane. Children could be heard screaming and crying in the background when Savage spoke to her son. 

The mother said she was nervous and her stomach was hurting. She can only imagine how the other parents and children are feeling.

WUSA9 caught up with the mother after she was finally able to pick him up from school. The young boy stated that it was a really scary experience. 

Officials are asking anyone in community who finds what they believe to be a part of the aircraft  to not touch or move it. Call the Joint Base Andrews at  240-612-4428 & 4430.