BALTIMORE (WUSA9) -- Demonstrators bracketed Wednesday's pre-trial hearings for the six officers accused of causing the death of Freddie Gray in police custody in April, holding peaceful demonstrations before and after the day's courtroom sessions.

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The judge in the case awarded the defense one major victory on the day,

granting six separate trials for the officers

involved, but refused to throw out the case entirely, or have state's attorney Marilyn Mosby removed from it, as defense attorneys had requested.

"There's a very clear message from the judge, which is: file motions that have merit. Don't try to throw everything up in the air and see if something sticks," said University of Maryland School of Law professor Douglas Colbert, who attended the hearings.

Outside, a weekly Wednesday protest against violence by police was bolstered considerably by activists interested in the Freddie Gray case, their followers, and the national media spotlight. A few dozen protestors attended a morning rally and march that ended with one person arrested and one officer with minor injuries.

In the evening, a smaller group of perhaps forty protesters gathered near the courthouse, then marched one and a half blocks to city hall.

A large police presence lingered near the protesters, and a helicopter hovered above, but at no point did the protests appear close to turning into this spring's more violent affairs.

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