The latest caught-on-camera porch package snatching comes to WUSA9 from Columbia, Md., where a bold thief grabbed a custom jacket intended to complete a Halloween costume, despite a WiFi live security camera system.

Eric Sterud saw the thief as he monitored the remote feed from his porch on his cell phone. But Sterud was away from his home in the King's Contrivance section of Columbia and too far away to stop the snatching.

"When I saw it, I was actually down in my car taking lunch," Sterud said. "I was shaking mad."

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Now Sterud is hoping a recording of the video may lead to the arrest of a suspect, who was wearing distinctive turquoise colored sneakers.

Sterud lost a custom leather jacket that was the key to his planned Starlord Guardian of the Galaxy costume for Halloween celebrations with his 17-year-old daughter and friends.

Top tips for preventing package thefts include redirecting deliveries for pickup at a customer service location or sending deliveries to a location where a signature is required.

Amazon also offers secure locker locations where customers may use a code to pick up secured items.