Prince George's County, Maryland, police are cracking down on illegal ATVs and dirt bikes this Labor Day weekend.

It comes after swarms of off-road vehicles have endangered motorists and pedestrians in parts of the district and National Harbor.

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Driving into the harbor, there are signs letting people know police are monitoring illegal ATV activities.

Authorities are also deploying new devices that will help fight the problem. The device can be thrown into the path of an ATV. Once the ATV drives over the stick, the tires slowly and safely deflate, causing the driver to stop.

Many tourists are visiting National Harbor for the long holiday weekend. They are thankful police are staying on top of this issue.

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"This is a quaint family place. To have an abundance of ATVs just bringing attention to themselves, they don't realize there may be kids running into traffic, maybe getting hurt," said one woman.

Police are also asking the community to let them know if they witness any illegal ATV or dirt bike activities.