Prince George’s County school officials are responding Friday after parents raised concerns about water quality and other conditions at an aging school in Landover.

At a PTA meeting Monday night, a group of worried parents told school officials about their concerns with water fountains, leaky ceilings and other cracked or loose parts of the building at Thomas Pullen Elementary School. The school is a 50-year-old K-8 performing arts school.

In a Facebook group, started by one of the parents, pictures of parts of the building were shared online. A post that drew the most concern was video of a green bottle filled with water that appears to have black floating particles in it. The post claims it came from a water fountain at the school.

John White, a spokesperson for the county's public school system, could not confirm whether or not this was true. WUSA9 has reached out to the source for more information.

Since the PTA meeting Monday, White said the county’s health department has visited and inspected water at the school. He said water in the cafeteria, restrooms and a fountain outside of the cafeteria was "observed to be clean" and there were "no signs of brown water."

"The health department also found no visible signs of mold," said White, after learning that some parents complained about children have allergies.

He said the school system is in the process of testing water at all 209 public schools in Prince George's County. Testing started last year and will end in January. Thomas Pullen is still on the list. Before this timeframe, testing was last done in 2009 as part of the system's Water Quality Program.

Outside of the school, WSSC is working on a construction project that started months ago. A WSSC spokesperson, Luis Maya, said the company is replacing a water main that should be done mid-winter. Maya said the project should not impact the school. After learning of concerns at Thomas Pullen, an inspector was dispatched to check out the area Thursday.

White said the school system flushed waterlines out of precaution and will provide bottled water until construction is complete. Water coolers were delivered to the school this week. A parent told WUSA9, she is scheduled to have a meeting with school officials and an environment specialist at some point Friday.

As far as other efforts being made at the school, doors and windows will be replaced under a $4 million program. While parts of the building still need a makeover, AC units, exhaust fans, band and locker room flooring have been either replaced or repairs. A new marquee will be installed as well.