A Prince George’s County police officer has been indicted Thursday after officials said he struck a suspect with his police cruiser during a chase.

Officer Juan Hernandez was indicted on one count of second degree assault and one count of misconduct, State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks announced Thursday.

On June 13, 2016, Hernandez was one of two officers who responded to a call for an armed person. When the officers arrived a chase began - Hernandez was in his cruiser and the other officer was on foot. Hernandez struck the suspect when he ran down a side street into an open field, police said.

According to police the suspect did not need medical attention and no weapon was found.

“We believe that Officer Hernandez’s actions were unwarranted given the circumstances of the incident and with this indictment, the Grand Jury says they believe his actions were criminal,” Alsobrooks said. “While it is never a good day when we have to prosecute one of our own, it is important that those we serve understand that we will hold law enforcement accountable when their actions go above and beyond what is necessary.”

A court date for Hernandez is pending.