There’s a lot of excitement for the new Clarksburg Premium Outlets that opened Thursday, however with lines of excited shoppers came lines of slow traffic.

In Montgomery County, cars and trucks moved slowly through bumper-to-bumper traffic on I-270 N at an area some residents said is already problematic.

"Crazy, crazy, I'm not even going to the outlet,” shouted a woman out of her mini-van window.

“Not happy at all cause look what we got to go through just to get to the grand opening,” one woman said. “I want to know, how did they decide to make an outlet and now think about traffic and build and make more lanes before the outlet?”

It wasn’t all anger.

"The outlets, just the smell gets you excited,” said a shopper waiting outside of the store, Tory and Burch.

"Like a two-year-old girl, I was waiting the whole night. I woke up early this morning just to be here,” said Adwoa Robb and her husband Darryl.

The two, along with dozens more, lined their favorite store waiting for it the Clarksburg Premium Outlets to have its grand opening with developers and county leaders.

"We live in the neighborhood. We have nothing here so we're excited,” said Robb.

“It's a long time coming for Clarksburg has had many jump starts like Town Center's a big pile of dirt,” Darryl said. “This came pretty quick and we're happy it's here."

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The new outlet mall includes 90 retailers and eateries.

"It also means for folks that are unemployed and under employed that they can now have additional jobs that are here. It means so much to so many people,” said Montgomery County Councilman, Craig Rice.

He also acknowledged it may mean more jams on I-270.

"We've added an additional ride-on service and we'll look at doing it on the weekends as well,” Rice said.

It didn't help that drivers had to deal with closed-off roads, no working traffic signals and a new driving pattern. Rice and others expect congestion to go down once drivers get used to it all, but said they are keeping an eye on it.

A Maryland State Highway spokesperson said they did conduct a traffic study before putting in the outlet mall. Extra lanes were added to the I-270 exit ramp and 121.

Whether it’s mapping out your shopping plans or mapping out how to avoid traffic, the outlets will be open for Black Friday.

A public relations spokesperson for the outlets said doors open Thanksgiving Day.

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