A Maryland mother of ten is facing child neglect charges after police said she abandoned nine of them on the side of the road.

Investigators said Sheri Marshall’s children were left cold, hungry, and forced to fend for themselves.

The incident happened in Takoma Park in December 2016, but charges were just filed this week.

Takoma Police said it took a while to charge Marshall because there were so many children to interview and details to iron out.

Prosecutors said Marshall was driving with her 10 children in the car on I-495 in Greenbelt when she got into an argument with her oldest son and kicked him out the car.

Investigators said the children told them that their mom kept driving until the vehicle ran out of gas on East-West Highway.

Court documents showed Marshall and her nine kids lived in the car for two nights.

It was the middle of December with low temperatures plunging to below 30 degrees.

The kids were between 11 and just one-year-old.

Prosecutors said Marshall disappeared in the middle of the night and left the older children to take care of the young ones.

Investigators said the children found some loose change inside of the van and went to a local gas station to buy diapers, cookies, and juice.

Takoma Park Police later found the children at La Chiquita Restaurant uninjured but hungry and with soiled pants and diapers.

Greenbelt Police picked up the oldest child and returned him to his father.

Court documents revealed Marshall was found wandering through traffic on New Hampshire Avenue and later taken to the hospital.

The state said she was confused and unaware of her surroundings.

The children were taken away and placed with several family members.

Child welfare experts said it is important to know how to spot when a child is being neglected.