More and more black women are becoming gun owners.

Research shows that many African-American households now see having a gun as essential.

It was her first time holding and firing a gun.

“It's my birthday so I wanted to do something different that I never done before,” Keiona Revis said.

She learned the ropes and stepped into the range.

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Revis is among a growing number of black women interested in guns or owning them.

A study released this month shows black women have become the largest group getting concealed carry permits in Texas.

While it is difficult to find hard statistics in our are since most states don’t track race or gender, local gun salesmen say they’ve definitely seen an increase.

“They're probably buying it for protection to be honest,” Revis said. “That's what I think. That's what I would buy a gun for is protection.”

“If you look in the black community everyone has a cousin or relative or something that has had an experience with violence,” Vincent Moten said.

It’s not clear what has caused the uptick in gun ownership, but researchers believe it can be anything from violence to politics.