Two Beltsville employees were seriously burned on Sunday after police say a 23-year-old man threw a molotov cocktail inside a liquor store.

It happened at Calverton Liquors.

“What do you want? Get out from here! Get out. Go!" said a man yelling profanities after WUSA9 left. Our station tracked the owner’s name to the address. The man cursing through doors and windows had started yelling at our reporter and photographer even before he opened the door.

At the store, customers described the business as pleasant.

“I can’t imagine why somebody would do that to these people. They’re so nice, you know, and everybody in here seems very friendly like they know each other," said Michaeleen O’Neil. She had heard about what happened, but didn’t realize it was at this location.

“At first when I saw the mess I thought, are they doing work? You know – did the ceiling fall in? Or that kind of thing – what happened?”

Police say a suspect came in and threw a molotov cocktail at an employee who tried to knock the crude device out of the suspect’s hands with a broom. According to charging documents, the container exploded on the victim causing his clothes to immediately burst into flames. A second employee nearby and other items in the store also caught fire.

Charging documents also indicate two witnesses fought to keep the suspect from going behind a counter. The suspect then fled. An officer patrolling the shopping center caught the 23-year-old after a short chase on foot.

A sign outside of the business says there's 24-hour video surveillance. We checked in with the Prince George's County Fire Department and a spokesperson confirmed that everything was caught on camera, but video is not being released due to the investigation.

Brady said investigators are looking into whether an argument or disagreement sometime before Sunday led to the incident.

Kevon Edwards now faces charges that include attempted murder and arson.

“I hope they come through okay," said O'Neil, who sent warm wishes to the victims' families.

At the liquor store, employees would not answer any questions and closed their doors to news cameras.

PGFD did give an update on the victims. We're told one employee was treated and released, but a second is still badly injured in the hospital with severe burns to his neck, both arms and mid-body area.