An Arundel High School graduate was among the hundreds of people injured in the Las Vegas shooting, the school confirmed Monday evening.

Tina Frost, Class of 2008, is in the intensive care unit and on a ventilator, according to a Facebook post from the school.

“She lost her right eye and they are unsure if she has sustained any brain damage,” the post said. “Please keep Tina and the family in your prayers.”

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There is also a GoFundMe page created for the 27-year-old that reads:

“Tina is out of surgery and her vitals are stable. They removed her right eye, where the bullet was lodged, and there is an implant there now to keep the space open. She has sight in her left eye but will never see from the right again. They took out a bone from her forehead to allow the brain room to swell, that will stay out for a few months. She's in a coma and on a ventilator, she cannot breathe on her own. She's critically stable in ICU for at least a week. Over the next few days, they're going to see how she responds to simulation, but until then, we won't know how bad the brain damage is.”

The message says the update came from Mary Watson Moreland, Tina’s mother. Frost’s family is in Las Vegas to be by her side.

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Frost was active while attending Arundel High School. She was on the soccer team and was on the All-County team in 2007.

Arundel High School plans to collect money for Frost and her family. The school said to contact Mrs. Davenport with any questions.