A 16-year-old Montgomery County, Md. teen lost his battle to a rare bone cancer on Friday, the basketball coach of Quince Orchard High School tells WUSA9. 

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Austin Cohen has been battling osteosarcoma since February of 2014. 

His dad, Scott Cohen, said he went through radiation therapy to slow the growth, but the outlook wasn't good.  

In February 2017, two rival high school basketball teams came together to raise money for a special conference dedicated to researching this kind of cancer in honor of Cohen. The event raised $5,500, which was donated to the Austin Cohen Research Fund. 

The one lesson Austin's parents are thankful for came from him.

“Enjoy the time you have, because at some point in your life, there’s going to come a time when you wish you had more time,” Scott said.

(Photo courtesy of the Cohen family)

“What matters is if you have fun and you cherish every moment,” added Miriam Cohen, Austin's mom. 

If you would like to donate to Austin's research fund, click here.