A Maryland State Trooper just set a statewide record for the number of DUI arrests he has conducted while on the job.

According to the Maryland State Police, Trooper First Class Anthony Wallace is the first trooper in the department to make at least 100 DUI arrests four years in a row.

"In the four years that I have been on the road, I have made over 450 DUI arrests," Wallace said.

Wallace is a part of a special team named "SPIDRE", which stands for "State Police Impaired Driving Reduction Effort".

The team consists of seven troopers who are specially trained to search for drunk drivers across the state of Maryland. They know all the tell-tale signs of an impaired driver from swerving to going too far over or under the speed limit.

Wallace said he is motivated to do his job because of stories of families who have lost loved ones.

"They just don't live with it for the month or two after someone dies," Wallace said. "It continues throughout their entire life. So, seeing that is what gives me the passion and the drive to go out and do what I do."