A bill expected to be signed by Governor Larry Hogan will change how rape is defined in the state of Maryland.  

The "No means No" law will include victims who were not able to fight back during the rape. Presently, charges against the rapist were not made unless the victim made an effort to physically resist. 

The Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MCASA) applauds the bill and says "it is past time to change this law."

“Victims should not be expected to physically fight off a rapist and our criminal law should recognize that no means no,” said Lisae C. Jordan, Executive Director & Counsel for the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

While the "No means No" law appears to be moving forward, another bill revolving around rape was shut down yet again.

A bill that would allow women to terminate parental rights of their rapist did not pass the General Assembly. Despite years of advocacy this bill has failed to pass for the ninth time.  

"This is the most frustrating thing that happened all session,” Senator Robert Zirkin told WUSA9.

The Senator said he thought the bill was "ready to roll."