Grotto Pizza in Gambrills, Md. Will be hosting a fundraiser tonight for local Anne Arundel alumni Tina Frost, who was injured in the Las Vegas shooting. The fundraiser will be from 4 to 9 p.m., at its restaurant located in the Village of Waugh Chapel.

All customers who present a voucher, which can be downloaded here, will have 20 percent of their total bill go towards Frost’s medical expenses.

The fundraiser was set up by server/bartender Sarah Bonney, who went to school with Frost and knows several members of her family. “They are a very supportive, community-involved, loving family and it was important to us to help them out any way possible,” said Bonney.

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Frost, 28, was shot in the head during the massacre, causing her to lose her right eye. She is currently recuperating and working to recover her motor skills.

In an update posted to a GoFundMe page set up for Frost, Frost recently left the hospital and was moved to a rehabilitation center. On December 10, the page posted that Frost had been able to spend a few days out of the rehabilitation center with friends and family.

Her father says Tina is actually not a fan of all the attention. In fact, online the family asked that if you see her out in the street, not to make a big deal of it to help with her recovery.

On Thursday, however, was a celebration with friends and her father. Those friends want to show the family, they still have Tina’s back.

Rich Frost told WUSA9, even while home they’re taking the recovery one day at a time.

"She's catching up on sleep, so she's happy about that,” said Frost.” She got out today for the first day since she got released last Thursday. Went to outpatient therapy. It was a tough ride there but the therapy went well and she had a much better ride home so …”

Frost said Tina’s brain now has to heal itself, which could take a year or more. He said should get better with each day and has hopes she’ll be able to return to work one day.

The GoFundMe page created for Frost is now at more than $607,000 dollars.