Police are investigating a nursing home in Forestville for alleged sexual misconduct between an employee and one of the senior citizens.

The alleged incident happened on Thursday.

Earlier this week, police were called to the same location about a similar allegation against an employee. They did not say if the same person is involved in both incidents.

Forestville Health and Rehabilitation Center is owned by an company called CommuniCare.

Fred Stratmann, a spokesman for CommuniCare, told WUSA 9 the employee at the center of the allegation has been suspended pending the outcome of an investigation. He was unable to provide the employee's history with CommuniCare.

According to Stratmann, all employees -even those with no interaction with residents -undergo a criminal background check.

Stratmann added CommuniCare notified police about the alleged incident as required by Maryland law. He added that they are obligated to alert authorities and family within 24 hours of learning about an allegation of misconduct such as sexual assault.

Stratmann stated the company is working to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.