Closing arguments wrapped up today in the case of a man accused of committing a rape while on Metro train.

The incident allegedly occurred April 2016. Police claim John Hicks raped a woman at knife point while they were on a Red Line train bound for Glenmont. According to charging documents, when the train reached Glenmont, the victim ran to Metro police for help.

In court Friday, the defense claimed the victim accused the wrong man. An attorney added there was no video to directly prove what happened inside the train car and that the lead detective on the case did not ask enough questions about the suspect's appearance.

The prosecution immediately defended the police work in rebuttal. A prosecutor said there was DNA evidence that links Hicks to the crime. She also claimed surveillance video showed Hicks getting off at the same station as the victim, around the same time she reported her rape to Metro police. The prosecution said Hicks' SmartTrip card also recorded him leaving at the same time.

Hicks could face the rest of his life behind bars. The jury could rule on his case as early as Tuesday.