A Prince George's County man, who has been through a lot in his own life , has started a group to make sure life is a little easier for people in his own community.

Artist, poet, and writer Kahlil Gibran once said "the smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention."

Anthony Harris, who lives in Prince George's County, is living those words every day, through the group he started called Power in Numbers Group (P.I.N.G).

Harris' group collects small donations from people, even as little as $1,$2, $5 dollars, and gives the money to his neighbors to help them out anyone they need it.

“When I was a little kid myself, I would be in a store and I would be short and I would have to put my food, my candy back because no one would step in and say ‘hey little guy, take this’,” said Harris. “That is the kind of the thing that makes me want to be more involved in my community.

For more information on P.I.N.G or to donate, click here.