A man convicted of raping two minors is now behind bars after spending more than a decade on the run.

In 2005, Luis Arevalo was found guilty of committing multiple sex offenses on the two daughters of his live-in lover in Gaithersburg. One girl was eight. The other was six.

However, Arevalo lived a free life for years after that.

Ramon Korionoff, a spokesperson for the Montgomery County State's Attorney's Office, said Arevalo didn't even attend his own trial. Instead, he fled to his native El Salvador, before hiding in plain sight in both the Houston and DC areas.

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"In recent years, he was able to get back into the country," said Korionoff.

However, authorities were alerted to Arevalo's whereabouts after his two victims spotted him on Facebook. Korionoff said Arevalo was posing in pictures with extended family in the Houston area.

After that, the two girls called authorities in Montgomery County. Officials in Rockville then contacted their counterparts in the Houston area. Around the same time, as the investigation gained steam, Arevalo turned himself into police.

On Friday, he was sent to a state penitentiary to spend the next seven years of his life behind bars.