A man stole Christmas packages from a 65-year-old Maryland woman's door Tuesday afternoon while she was inside recovering from a recent surgery.

Denise Crawford of Clinton, Maryland has Ring, a video surveillance system that alerts a homeowner when someone is at their door.

Around 3:45 p.m., Crawford said her phone alerted her that UPS dropped off the Christmas gifts that she ordered. She called her son and told him to pick up the packages when he came home.

When her son got home, he told his mom to review the camera because there weren't any packages at the door.

After reviewing the video, she saw that someone came to her door 45 minutes after UPS dropped the packages off, picked them up and put them in a car and drove off.

Crawford said she is just so shocked because this all happened while she was at home.

She said the suspect made off with some nice gifts, including two Invicta watches.

She has filed a police report, and officials are investigating.