Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story stated that Kristin Bolinger was severely injured in the Las Vegas shooting and a man died saving her. It was information we received from her father, who was told by someone who identified themselves as a hospital employee where his daughter was believed to be receiving treatment. We have since learned this report is false.

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Kristin Bolinger was severely injured during the Las Vegas mass shooting, but up until Tuesday her family didn't even know if she was alive.

Thanks to two brave men, who risked their own lives, she's still fighting. One of her rescuers died, another survived.

Bolinger, 21, was born and raised in Hagerstown, Maryland which is about 70 miles outside of DC.

She moved to Las Vegas about three years ago and was working at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino.

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Bolinger's father describes her as an artist and someone people liked to be around.

"We were terrified. We didn't know if Kristin happened to be working. We didn't know if she was off and at the concert. We just-- we didn't know. So initially we had fear,” Danyelle Higgins said.

Bolinger’s parents said it was a struggle to find information about their daughter.

Voine Bolinger, Jr. gave a DNA sample to Maryland State Police to compare to the unidentified bodies on the scene.

“We didn't learn she was still alive until this morning. We thought she was deceased,” Voine Bolinger said.

Voine Bolinger learned that two men tried to save his daughter’s life in the middle of the chaos.

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"The doctor at the hospital told us that two young fellas covered my daughter up to --. The fella on top of the pile lost his life. I don't know his name yet. He lost his life, but the other fella survived,” Voine Bolinger told WUSA9. “My daughter just wound up with glass lacerations from broken glass there at the festivities."

Voine Bolinger works at Frederick County Councilman Tony Chmelik’s construction business.

Chmelik’s family and other community supporters raised enough money to send Bolinger and Higgins to Las Vegas to check on Kristin.

“She's tough. We know she's tough. She'll get through this,” Higgins said.

The family expects to need support during Kristin’s hospital stay and recovery.

If you are interested in making a monetary donation, the community has created a fundraiser on Go Fund Me.