Two Montgomery County clothing designers have come up with a campaign to keep the homeless warm this winter. They set out to pass out 100 sleeping bags, but the campaign is about to get a big boost thanks to a huge social media star.

Fatboy SSE has taken on the sleeping bag challenge from Kendall Haley and Daniel Wilson.

The two friends created F.A.D.E.D (Forever Achieving Dreams Everyone Denied) Ambition, a two-year-old clothing company designed to give back and make an impact.

“We wanted something really positive and that we can get a lot of people involved so we came up with the sleeping bag challenge,” explained Haley. “That may not seem like a big deal but a sleeping bag is another form of shelter for a homeless person.”

Thanks to a successful GoFundMe Campaign the team already distributed 100 sleeping bags to homeless in DC and Baltimore.

“It's a very humbling experience and it teaches you a lot about life,” said Daniel Wilson. “It makes you appreciate the little things because there are people out here who are very less fortunate.”

Now with rapper, comedian and Instagram sensation Fatboy SSE on board, with his four million followers, the skies the limit.

“He accepted the challenge and together we’re going to challenge the next celebrity and then from there it’s going to grow!” exclaimed Haley.

Fatboy SSE performs in DC January 12 weekend. They will distribute sleeping bags then.