A Joint Base Andrews Air force helicopter made a "precautionary landing" in Prince George's County Friday morning, said Tech. Sgt. Robert Cloys from Joint Base Andrews.

"We currently have a helicopter that made a precautionary landing near one of the medical facilities” Sgt. Cloys said.

The helicopter had a precautionary light on, so they landed to make sure everything was fine.

Rick Carter, who is a private pilot told WUSA9 that he saw the helicopter coming in across Auth Place.

Carter saw the helicopter come in just above the treetops. The helicopter managed to make a very safe, controlled landing in the grass behind the Permanente parking lot.

Three military men were inside of the helicopter, according to Carter. They told the witness that they lost transmission and wheel pressure. The gage was apparently not lying and there was no fluid.

Nobody was injured in the incident, according to Sgt. Cloyse.

This happened about 3.5 miles away from Joint Base Andrews.

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This is not the first time an Air Force UH-1 from Andrews had to make a precautionary landing in the last 24-hours. According to a military source, Air Force mechanics were also on the scene on a precautionary landing that occurred overnight near Lorton Station, Va.

In the Virginia case, mechanics have been unable to make a field repair. They loaded the stricken UH-1 on a flatbed truck for transport back to Andrews.

The chopper is back now at the base.