It's been exactly one year, since historic flash flooding devastated Old Ellicott City. The storm claimed the lives of three people, two were swept away in the flood waters.

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This weekend was marked by celebrations. The area continues to rebuild as residents say they are resilient as ever.

Kali Harris was living on Main Street when the floodwaters hit last year on June 30. She says it was unforgettable as it was vivid. She shot video from her third floor apartment, watching helplessly as the water got higher and higher.

"All of a sudden I got a call from my friend that my car was floating away. I'm glad I went through it, it has brought us all closer, so it was worth living through," said Harris.

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Most of the businesses have opened back up on Main Street, but much is left to be done. The damage is estimated in the tens of millions of dollars.

Recently, the county executive in Howard County announced $15 million for flood control and recovery projects.

Despite being displaced for four months, Harris says she will continue to make Ellicott City home.