The Old West Baltimore Road crossing at 10-mile creek is the last old-fashioned stream ford on a public road in Montgomery County, and there are no plans to change anything despite the potential dangers for motorists who chose to drive through the water.

Three teens were rescued Monday night after their small sedan broke through ice and stalled in the middle of the creek.

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Montgomery County Fire Rescue workers elected to use a small boat to rescue the teens rather than risk hypothermia by wading in the icy stream at temperatures of about 10 degrees.

No one was injured.

The stream crossing is particularly threatening during icy conditions in winter, and when the area is threatened by flash flooding.

"It hasn't been this icy in a long time," said Sebastian Aulestia who navigated his 4-wheel-drive Toyota Tacoma truck across ice so thick it held the weight of his truck for the crossing Tuesday afternoon.

However, on the return trip, Aulestia's truck broke through. Aulestia was able to free the truck after about a dozen attempts in hub deep water choked with large chunks of broken ice.

The stream crossing on Old West Baltimore Road is considered part of the historic rural character of the area that is targeted for preservation by the county's Rustic Rural Roads Program, according to Montgomery County Department of Transportation spokesman Esther Bowring.

"There are no plans to change anything there," Bowring said.