This weekend the field at Watkins Park in Prince George's County will be backed with firefighters from all over the country.

Each year, hundreds of teams of firefighters and paramedics come together to play softball and raise money to fight neuromuscular diseases. It's hosted by the International Association of Firefighters.

This year, a team from Houston is among them. They are the group of firefighters from Houston who just dealt with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

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"To see the city you've grown up in and lived in your whole life underwater, it's devastating. The people are the most important resource for the city of Houston and to see them devastated like that it affects us personally. Some people didn't make it, we had to see that," said Herbert Griffin, Houston assistant fire chief.

The tournament is a yearly tradition for the group of firefighters from Houston, and they didn't want to let Harvey stop them.

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"We didn't let Hurricane Harvey stop us. We know the funds go to a good cause, so we're here to help," said Griffin.

Monday the group will head back to Texas to continue to help rebuild.

"Houston is the best city in the world. We'll come back from Hurricane Harvey. I'll tell anybody going through this just know the sun will come up again and your city will rebound," said Griffin.