In response to a letter from the Prince George’s Co. School Board, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan called for a full investigation into the county’s schools.

Hogan requested the Maryland State Board of Education to perform the investigation after the allegation of “widespread systemic corruption” in the district.

The allegations include altering of student credit counts and changing students’ grades to boost the high school graduation rate.

“I am deeply troubled by these allegations regarding one of our school systems,” Hogan wrote in a letter sent to the Maryland State Board of Education President Andrew Smarick.

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Maryland Senator Anthony Muse raise the same concerns and claimed that “teachers and guidance counselors have recently testified about alleged fraudulent practices,” according to the letter.

“I am also mindful of your statement that many individuals took risks in bringing this information to your attention,” Hogan wrote in a statement. “We believe these individuals are entitled to the full protections afforded whistleblowers under the law.”

The governor thanked board members for bringing the concerns to his attention.

Prince George's County Chief Executive Officer Dr. Kevin M. Maxwell released the following statement in response to the governor's investigation request:

"From the beginning, I have maintained that politics lie at the root of these accusations. There has been no systemic effort to promote students in Prince George’s County Public Schools who did not meet state graduation requirements in order to inflate our graduation rates. We look forward to collaborating with the Maryland State Department of Education to resolve this matter."