Calvin Ferguson has been sending his kids to the Upper County Community Center in Montgomery County for years. He's been happy with the program until last week.

He forgot to pack their lunch and asked them if they could just eat at the camp.

"They told me yes, but no one wants to eat the food, it's disgusting," said Ferguson.

He asked his kids to bring one of the meals back home. What he got was a hamburger bun with several slices of cheese in between and a pack of mayonnaise.

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"I was appalled that this is what they offered kids," he said.

Ferguson sent an email to Montgomery County Department of Recreation, asking for answers. We reached out to them as well. It turns out that the meals aren't actually included in the camp's tuition. According to a spokesperson, the program is part of the Montgomery County Public Schools providing nutritional food to kids during the summer season.

Whenever a camp has more than 51 percent of students enrolled that qualify for free and reduced lunch, the school system makes sure food is provided to the camps. A spokesperson told WUSA9 no student is required to use this service.

The program comes from the federal level and all the meals for free and reduced lunch, including the cheese sandwich are chosen by a federal nutritionist.

The cheese sandwich is served with fruit and milk, but Ferguson still believes it's not necessarily up to par.

"If there are any other parents out there struggling and can't provide lunch for their kids every single day, maybe some parents sign up for this camp because it provides food, and to find out this is what they provide, I just find it deplorable," said Ferguson.

A spokesperson for Montgomery County Department of Recreation says they want the public to know this all comes from the federal level and they are happy to be able to provide nutritional lunches and breakfasts to young people at their summer camps.