A 13-year-old girl was put into a coffin and buried on Saturday.

Reyhan Safoglu was killed Wednesday when a train hit her while she walking on a railroad bridge over Bull Run in Burke, Virginia.

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“Reyhan is dead. She got hit by a train,” her aunt, Ezel Lorentz said. "I ran and I grabbed my purse and I ran to my car and I drove."

It is still hard for Lorentz to relive the memories of her niece's body being pulled from the woods.

“It's devastating to smell it, to see it, to know what they went through,” Lorentz described.

Safoglu was on a hiking trip with her brother and cousin when the train accident happened. Officials say she was standing on the tracks.

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Family and friends remembered Reyhan as a sweet girl with a big heart. They say she loved music, exploring the outdoors, having fun and being with the people she loved.

“There are a lot of people who pass through your lives who you won't remember but she always left a mark,” Lorentz said.

As people filled the Turkish Mosque to mourn and remember, Reyhan's family hoped her death won't be in vain.

”Family, friends, just love,” Lorentz said. “There is so much hate in this world I wish that everybody had a little piece of her in them so there would be more love in this world.”