The escaped prisoner from Howard County was taken into custody Wednesday night after a sighting was reported of an unknown male in the woods where the prisoner escaped. 

He was taken into custody around 9:40 p.m. in a wooded area off of Dorsey Run Road in Jessup, Md. 

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Police believed David M. Watson was hiding on the other side of Perkins Hospital, which is an area of thick forest.
It’s about three football fields by five football fields.

Watson was found hiding in a small drainage pipe. Even though the pipe was search earlier in the day, police say officers with night vision equipment rechecked the area after dark and located Watson laying inside the pipe. 

Police say Watson surrendered and was taken into custody in good condition. 

The search got much more serious after police got a tip Tuesday morning. A worker about a mile away saw a man who ran off.

The witness said the man was wearing a safety vest and a white hard hat. It didn’t take long for police to figure out this was probably their man.

According to police, the 28-year-old escaped from Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center in the 8400 block of Dorsey Run Road in Jessup.

Watson was being transported to the hospital by the Wicomico County Detention Center when he escaped custody and fled into a wooded area. Watson is serving a 100-year murder sentence. 

Police describe him as a white male, 5’ 8” and 140 pounds. He was last seen in the area of Dorsey Run Road and Patuxent Range Road.

Police think Watson may have been hiding in nearby drainage tunnels. They found some packing materials, possibly bubble wrap. Police are actually referring to this as Watson’s nest.

There was a $10,000 reward for Watson's arrest.