A retiree is creating a buzz after a Craigslist ad that offers a lighthouse and cottages for a fair trade.

For the past two weeks, Ronald Lundgren, 73, has gotten 17 calls with offers for his lighthouse on the Eastern Shore.

The craigslist ad says "Trade my waterfront lighthouse for your motorhome". Lundgren bought the lighthouse over a decade ago when he fell in love with it on a Pennsylvania farm.

"They want it, ask me to finance it, that would make me 103," said Lundgren laughing.

Lundgren, who lives in New Jersey, said he has too many properties, along with dozens of motorcycles and cars. He said the waterfront property in Earleville, Md. is worth about $135,000, but he'd be willing to trade for much less cash or an item of interest to him, like a boat or home in Punta Gorda, Florida.

He said the lighthouse is not a functioning one, but doesn't take away from its neat factor. He said the lighthouse has intrigued and captured the imagination of strangers from around the country. Lundgren said he's hoping to do a 1031 tax trade. He said the cost of taxes and upkeep for the property is reasonable at $1,600 every year.

Lundgren said he hasn't received any viable offers yet and most people want him to donate the lighthouse.