Last Chance Animal Shelter in Waldorf is giving 66 dogs one more chance after they were displaced by the devastating Louisiana floods.

“We’re helping our neighbors,” executive director Cindy Sharpley said.

Three Louisiana shelters called her, out of room for rescued dogs. Sharpley’s small crew drove through the night to Tennessee. There, Louisiana volunteers helped offload enough dogs to fill a trailer.

“These puppies have nowhere else to go,” Cynthia O’Neil of Baltimore said. Her family is now fostering two rescued Rottweiler mixes.

“We’ve got a new house with a huge yard and we’re excited to fill it with a few more beating hearts,” she said.

The shelter is readying dogs for adoption for two adoption drives. The first at the Petco in Alexandria on September 10, the second at Petsmart in Columbia on September 17.