Bladensburg town council member Selwyn "Donnie" Bridgeman says someone in his apartment with access to his computer might have left threatening statements on his Facebook account while he was drunk after an election loss, if they were left at all.

"It was not by my hand," Bridgeman said on Wednesday.

Former mayoral candidate Chris Melendez obtained a protective order which has remained in effect after complaining to a court commissioner October 4th about the posts she believes were made by Bridgeman.

In her application for the peace order, she wrote that she feared for her life after Facebook posts to Bridgeman's supporters appeared to be inciting them to attack her at her home.

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Melendez claims the Facebook posts, which have been removed, appeared the night Melendez and Bridgeman lost their bids for mayor in a three-way race.

After Melendez obtained the protective order October 4th, Bridgeman appeared in the court commissioner's office wearing clothing that appeared to be burned. He attempted to get his own protective order against Melendez, but a judge denied his request.

A photo of Bridgeman in the burned clothes was posted to a friend's Facebook page. Bridgeman claimed five "Mexicans" in a pickup truck with gasoline and flame attacked him while claiming they were avenging Melendez's loss in the election.

Bladensburg police say they are investigating the burning incident, but have not found any witnesses or evidence to corroborate Bridgman's story. No arrests have been made.

The allegedly threatening Facebook posts on Bridgeman's account were laced with profanity and racial references: "To my soldiers..." "I've kept the reins on you." "I've kept my Team (sic) my hood n___a's who don't give a f___ from flexing power in my name because it wasn't right". The post goes on to say: "Dogs off the leash...this is Black Steel and this request is Approved... Get at 'em!!"

The post then published the home address and phone number of Melendez.

Bridgeman told WUSA9: "I confessed to the judge that I drank for two or three days after the election, that I had several people over, we had a victory party after the election. My Facebook was up. Several people had access to my Facebook. But that claim has not been authenticated."

Bridgeman said he did not stage the burned clothes incident. He also said he was not injured.

Bridgeman says he does not trust Bladensburg police to thoroughly investigate his claims because he has been accused by members of the department of secretly recording an FOP meeting and publishing the audio.

Bridgeman has been charged with violating Maryland's wiretap law and is facing a trail in that case.