A Clinton, Md. family believes their beloved dog was killed by a shock of so-called stray voltage when it came in contact with a neighborhood street light pole.

"Baby", a 16-month-old miniature pinscher, was killed Friday on Maui Street in Clinton.

"It's sad. I loved that little dog," said Kathy Dobson as she stood over a grave the family put the dog in after the Friday evening incident.

Employees of the We Care Animal Hospital in Waldorf confirmed the family brought the dog in for Friday evening.

Since then both PEPCO and the Prince George's County Department of Public Works and Transportation have investigated and found nothing wrong with the light pole.

PEPCO did not post any warnings or leave any barriers to keep people and pets away from the area during it's investigation. A company spokesman declined to comment any further when questioned by WUSA9.

Prince George's County, which owns the pole also investigated.

"A preliminary investigation did not reveal any exposed electrical wires or abnormalities in the fiberglass pole," said Department of Public Works and Transportation spokesperson Paulette Jones.

WUSA9 found the light illuminated during daylight hours and the skeletal remains of a small animal at the base of the pole prompting further questions about whether or not wildlife may have been electrocuted.

A resident of the block said his dog had been in contact with the pole and there had never been any indication of trouble.

Stray voltage is a dangerous phenomena that has resulted in numerous deaths and injuries. It can be caused by hidden faults in electrical equipment that go unseen until an incident.

"There's something wrong somewhere because we didn't imagine taking our dog to the animal hospital," Dobson said. "It was horrible."