ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA9) -- The mother of two missing children from Montgomery County said in court Friday that she's competent to stand trial, however, the medical report says otherwise.

Catherine Hoggle is charged with abduction and neglect. She is also accused of hindering the investigation into their disappearance.

Her son, Jacob, was 2 years old and her daughter, Sarah, was 4 when they were reported missing from the Gaithersburg area last year.

Friday, she appeared in court in plain clothes and shackled for the hearing. In the past, Catherine Hoggle has been found incompetent to stand trial.

Her mother Lindsey Hoggle says she is extremely disappointed. "I'm very confused. She feels she's competent. She understands the situation," said Hoggle.

The children's father isn't surprised the case isn't moving forward, but wants answers. Troy Turner stated, " She's the fastest route to finding out what she did to my kids or where she put them even if moved at this point. I don't understand how two men can block it."

The defense attorneys are in agreement with the medical report, saying "her opinion as to her own condition carries no weight."

Catherine Hoggle returns to Perkins State hospital for more evaluations. The judge told her that she must cooperate with the doctors.

Her next court appearance is in November.

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