Bladensburg police are looking into a claim by a town council member that a group of men tried to set him on fire while he and a friend were collecting up campaign signs after an unsuccessful mayoral race.

A friend posted the photo on Facebook of Selwyn D. (Donnie) Bridgeman early Thursday saying Bridgeman had been attacked by three men in a pick up truck who threw gasoline on the council member. Bridgman was not seriously hurt, according to the Facebook post.

Police were called by a Prince George's County Court Commissioner after Bridgeman walked into their Hyattsville office Wednesday night smelling of gasoline and wearing apparently burned clothing.

Police will not comment on questions about whether or not Bridgeman is cooperating with their investigation.

As of Friday evening, Bridgman has not responded to WUSA9's exhaustive efforts to contact him.

Bridgeman was a loser in a hotly contested three-way mayoral race Monday night.

He was charged during the campaign with secretly recording a Fraternal of Police meeting and publishing the audio.

Since Wednesday there have been two applications by an individual seeking a court order to keep Bridgeman away from them.

The cases have not yet gone to court.