A baby giraffe at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore has taken a turn for the worse. Julius has a slim chance of making it through the night.

“The outlook is dim,” zoo officials said in an email update.

Julius isn’t even a month old. He was born on June 15.

The baby has been struggling to stay healthy. He has received two plasma transfusions and around-the-clock intensive care. Officials said he has had trouble nursing since he was born, which has prevented him from getting essential antibodies from his mother.

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And then early Friday, Julius went from critical to dire.

He didn’t eat well and his health suddenly worsened, the zoo reported.

“Quick action by the veterinary and animal care teams has given Julius the only slim chance of making it through the day he may get,” the zoo said.

Julius is receiving a life-supporting solution through an IV thanks to a donation from Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital.

“The goal is for Julius to remain stable enough through this intervention for the giraffe care team to be able to offer him the nutrients he so desperately needs in the pan from which he’s previously been drinking.”

Julius was 6 feet tall (1.83 meters) and 143 pounds (65 kilograms) at birth, but initial tests showed the newborn had insufficient antibodies to protect him from disease.