Ashanti Billies parents, Brandy and Meltony Billie, now know who the person is accused of killing their daughter. However, this new development has brought in a new wave of emotions and new questions.

The last two months have been a rollercoaster of emotions for their family.

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"Today I'm angry again. I've been angry one time before, now I'm angry again because this was a veteran that did this to us," said Brandy Billie.

Her parents go from anger to sadness when they think about their 19-year old daughter, whose life was cut short.

"To know I wasn't there for my daughter to be against this guy. My daughter is 4'1" and to look at him, you preyed on my child. I'm very disheartened because in my head I'm hearing my daughter cry out for me," said Meltony Billie.

Ashanti's parents, who are both former military, are now looking for answers from the people they once served. Why weren't there security cameras at Ashanti's job? And why wasn't there better security on a naval base?

"They failed her, they failed us, they failed all veterans. They failed all active duty military personnel. They failed civilians because they work on that base. That base failed period. That naval installation failed period, no question about it," said Brandy Billie.