At 93-years-old "Paw Paw" Earl Alley, a WWII veteran, still has his moves.

A clip of this "once a Marine always a Marine" went viral on Facebook, after his granddaughter recorded Alley laughing and bopping to cheery music playing from a web recipe she clicked on.

Jennifer Santos Leon, Alley's granddaughter, said her spontaneous home video, which posted September 29, got 6,000 views overnight.

That number climbed to 14,000 in less than a week and was posted to Ellen Nation by a viewer in the hopes that this Iwo Jima vet will make it onto the comedy queen's show. The attention has Alley "tickled pink" by the wave of heartfelt comments thanking him for his service and asking for dance lessons.

Leon, a Maryland resident, said she hopes the social stir will give Paw Paw--who was once placed in 30-day solitary confinement for breaking furlough at 19 to get married-- some "recognition of his service."

Listen to Alley share his story here.