Two men were shot Tuesday night at a McDonald's in Germantown, Md., according to Montgomery County police.

The shooting happened at a McDonald's located Gunners Branch Road around 6:20 p.m.

Police say the two men ran inside the restaurant for help. It is unclear how many people were inside McDonald’s, but police say the patrons were not hurt.

It could have been a lot worse because a bullet struck a window right next to a child’s high chair.

Police say the bullet was still lodged in the window pane as detectives scoured the restaurant for evidence and nervous employees gathered behind the counter.

“I don't know if this would be classified as a drive-by but detectives believe there's some previous association between the victims and the suspect or suspects," said Captain Paul Starks. "They do not believe this is random. The suspect or suspects did flee a perimeter immediately was set up also K9 tracking but right now there is no one under arrest."

Police wouldn't say if they've been called to that McDonalds for drug activity before but those who live in the area say the parking lot is a known hang out.

“Not much worried for me,” said neighbor Jordi Harper, “but like I said you see some stuff I makes it a little uncomfortable. I wish you could enjoy more the neighborhood.”

Detectives will interview witnesses and look at nearby surveillance video hoping to find clues that can lead them to the gunmen.

The two victims are recovering at a local hospital. Their exact condition is unknown.