Annandale, Va. was one of the areas that got hit hard from Thursday’s storms. 

On Tollhouse Drive, a massive tree ripped through a home with the homeowner inside. WUSA9 spoke to the homeowner over the phone. He confirmed he had to be rescued out of a top window. He did go to the hospital out of precaution. Thankfully, the Annandale man survived with minor injuries, if any.

About three miles away, a tree smashed a condo building on Americana Dr. in Annandale.

John Lussiei says he heard it and saw it.

“I don't want to see it again,” Lussiei said.

"First it sounded like the whole place was getting bombarded by something cause it was all banging and booming,” said Lussiei, “My windows were all shaking. My doors were banging. Then I heard a big crack and then after the crack, I heard the big crunch."

That was apparently Mother Nature playing dominoes. Lussiei said a smaller three near his condo went down first, knocking over a second, larger tree. The larger tree collapsed right over the roof and balcony of a condominium building in the Heritage Woods neighborhood.

"It's pretty crazy. Like I said, hopefully they're okay,” said Jose Castro, who lives two floors below and to the side. He said an older couple lives in the destroyed unit. He also got a look at other fallen trees on the block.

Thankfully there were no injuries reported. Instead of the whole building, only the three condos underneath the tree were condemned.

A Fairfax County Spokesperson says they also had no injuries throughout the county despite all of the downed tree and damage. The spokesperson says one of the things they're dealing with, especially in Annandale, are a lot of old trees.


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