A man was arrested on Wednesday for the alleged beating that occurred on a Metro car on Sunday, according to Metro Transit police. 

Marcus James Lee, 21, of Northeast, D.C. was arrested and faces two counts of robbery-strong arm, and one count of second degree assault for an unrelated case involving a Ride-ON bus operator. 

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A Silver Spring man was recovering on Monday after a brutal beating that happened inside a Metro car.

Conor Malley, 23, says he was leaving his job as an engineer at the Wizard's game when he hopped on the Chinatown Metro.

All was peaceful until the Wheaton Metro Station. He suddenly found himself surrounded by four young men. One of them demanded his phone, and Malley says when he refused, that's when he was attacked.

He says all four men started pounding on him, leaving him with a bruised eye and stitches.

On Sunday, police released pictures of the suspects and were able to identify the suspects on Tuesday. 

Lee has been the only suspect arrested at this time.